Jennifer Fadamusa: A Student Success Story

Yesterday we had the pleasure of a visit from one of our most successful past students, Jennifer Fadamusa. We were so touched that Jennifer took the time out to come visit the place where her journey started. She took the opportunity to give some current level 2/3 Hairdressing students an inspirational impromptu talk and students were really motivated by her success.

Jennifer studied level 2/3 Hairdressing in our Wexford Academy from 2014-2016, and she was undoubtedly one of the most determined, dedicated and hardworking students to ever cross our paths.

Jennifer our student of the year 2016, worked to her utmost potential during her time here, even commuting from Cork during her second year, she had a goal and she was prepared to do whatever it took to achieve it.

Achievements: Jennifer graduated with a distinction in Level 2/3 Hairdressing Diploma and has since continued to soar higher. With her qualification gained here, Jennifer went on to work as a Hairdresser on the Disney dream Cruiseline ship where she worked for 8 months. Travelling the Caribbean with Mickey mouse in tow, Jennifer said she was living the ultimate dream of doing what she loves while also making a livelihood with some very impressive tips! The thing Jennifer loved most about her experience on the cruise ship was that she got to see so many beautiful places while having a healthy balance between her work and social life.

Bright Future: Jennifer has now secured herself a position as a Hairdresser in Headmasters in London with the opportunity to go into the Creative or Artistry team. With her great attitude and motivation its no wonder Jennifer has gone so far since graduating a year ago. The opportunities that come with this diploma are endless!!

How did Jennifer find her time here? “I loved it, it was a brilliant course with great tutors and a really supportive system”

Advice Jennifer would give to potential or current students: “DON’T give up, put your head down, it’s hard work but so very worth it, it opens a lot of doors with so many opportunities”

It is so rewarding for us to see students do so well and that their time with us was the ticket to follow their dreams, stories like this are what Gainfort Academy is all about …this is what motivates us and always will


Jennifer pictured with some o our Level 2/3 Hairdressing students who will be finishing up at the end of the month

Jennifer pictured with some o our Level 2/3 Hairdressing students who will be finishing up at the end of the month